About Rory

Rory at Disney

I never know what to write on about pages… So I will expand my Twitter description a little bit.

The Beginning.
I grew up in suburban Kingston, Ontario, which for those not familiar with Canadian geography, is about 2.5 hours east of Toronto or 2 hours south west of Ottawa. I have been living in Toronto, Ontario for 8 odd years with my lovely wife Hayley.

I am a geek at heart, when I am interested in something I throw myself into it with passion.

Web/Mobile Developer.
What can I say I am self taught in most I know about the web. I attended College for 2 years learning about COBOL, that wasn’t much help for what I do these days. These days I work on the Website Relations team for the BlackBerry browser and am a Blackberry WebWorks developer by night. I could rhyme off a bunch of acronyms if you want (HTML5, CSS3, javascript, etc). There are plenty of things still to learn, but I like to think I am pretty good at what I do.

Whippet Lover.
If you had asked me when I started hunting for the perfect dog if I would ever want a whippet I would have had to do research to find out what that was exactly. Now that I have a whippet in my life I can’t imagine owning anything else! And if that wasn’t crazy enough one whippet just wasn’t enough, we adopted a second whippet. She is a completely different personality but I can’t remember life without her.

I loved the idea of running all through high school and into my 20’s. I had a ‘knee’ issue that I never dealt with and used that as an excuse to not get active. I used to think runners were crazy in fact. Up early in the snow, rain, wind and sun running who knows how far. When I was in my late 20’s I had started to put on weight and was looking for a way to deal with that. I started a ‘learn to run’ program. I would walk 7 minutes, and ‘run’ for 1 minute. Wow was that hard. Looking back now it seems funny but it really got me going. I have now run, 5K, 10K X 2, 16K races and a half-marathon. Each had their ups and downs. The sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing is amazing. I also love the clarity I get when I am out for training runs, I feel like I can take on the world.

Food Geek. (amateur chef and baker)
I enjoy many things related to food. I cook a lot, I bake as much as I can. I love to learn more about the topics I don’t understand,and love to teach about those that I do.

Urban Gardener.
Some days I wish I had a piece of land that I could farm.  I make do with a beautiful south facing front lawn garden.

Daydream Believer.
I have loft ideas sometimes. But when I am given time I will find a way to get that lofty idea to reality. What’s the point of dreaming otherwise?

Fine print.
Views and opinions expressed here are my own, not BlackBerrys.