2015 Running Challenge

I was supposed to be resting until February, no running. I did all kinds of silly things last year to make it through all my runs, I wanted to give my body time to recover.  It has been hard, I truly love running and I have been missing it since November (my last run was the Holly Jolly run!)

I broke down today and went for a run. Peer pressure is strong; I saw a bunch of friends posting about their first run of the year and couldn’t take it any more!

I also saw this tweet from Matt Galloway:

The idea of 365 runs is a fun challenge. So that is what I am going to do, I am going to take it very easy to start and not fall into my usual overtraining trap. My only goal for running this year (so far) is to make 365 runs ( and find a couple runs that come along at the right time to complete.)

Today I started: 1.25KM, took me 10:32 and I did 2 minutes walking 3 minutes running just to be safe. A far cry from my usual 5:45/km but alas I need to get this right.