Running Goals – 2016

After running for 365 days I find myself at a loss for what to do for 2016. I plan to keep running every day, I set up an intense training plan but I have no concrete outcomes in mind – had that is

The other night I was chatting with a friend who wanted to get into running this year. She asked what my goals were for the year, as I typed my response they magically appeared. It is funny how easily they came when I had express them to someone else. Below you will find the ones I told her with some clarifications and improvements.

1 – Continue to run every day
2 – Run 1600KM by December 31st (I ran 1000KM in 2015)
3 – Run the half marathon I didn’t run in 2014 (Valley Harvest, if you want to join me :))
4 – Run a sub 01:45:00 half marathon in the fall (Oct 9th to be exact)
5 – Run a sub 00:24:00 5K in the spring (Mar – June)
6 – Run a sub 00:22:00 5K in the fall (Sept – Dec)

I think these are fairly ambitious while attainable. I will be running around 34KM/week to make sure I am ready for this with a ramp up to45KM/week for the 16 weeks before the half-marathon.