2016 in review + 2017 life goals

As we round out 2016 I have had a little time to reflect on the year. Running races got a little out of control (big plans, big goals, big ambition, middling results), but other areas went well. I realize this needs to change for 2017. I will never be an elite runner (much as I may dream of it), but without a focused plan I won’t achieve anything. I did meet some of my goals for 2016, which is a nice thing to do. If I want to meet my goals I need to be more focused about them in 2017.

2016 Review

1 – Continue to run every day

Check! This has definitely become part of me, I had planned to stop running everyday for 2017 – until the Winter Solstice when I delayed my morning run to just before 8am to run at sunrise. I realized that I don’t know how to start my day without a run. I could adapt, but why? You will see a similar goal below for 2017

2 – Run 1600KM by December 31st

Nope 🙁 I ran into some mental blocks that significantly decreased my mileage in the last 1/3 of the year. I came in at 1471KM, which is still impressive to me, I ran ~1000KM in 2015

3 – Run the half marathon I didn’t run in 2014 (Valley Harvest)

Check! White whale has been beaten!

4 – Run a sub 01:45:00 half marathon in the fall

Nope 🙁 Nearing the race I set my A|B|C goals to <=01:45:00 | <02:00:00 | Finish. I ended up finishing under my B goal: 01:57:33, which was also a PB. I left my all out on the course. Run well raced.

5 – Run a sub 00:24:00 5K in the spring (Mar – June)

Check! This one was killed with a 00:22:05, so I had to adjust my fall goals, though I didn’t end up meeting the revised goal.

6 – Run a sub 00:22:00 5K in the fall (Sept – Dec)

Nope 🙁 Definitely had my races scheduled poorly. That said I ran 00:22:07 two weeks post half marathon, I am confident had I planned things race I could have done it.

7 – Learn the Cello

Check! This one is definitely going well, I have been playing since March, I got my own cello eventually. I am still enjoying it, and improving every week.

2016 reflections

This year I think I over extended myself – I also didn’t realize that there were some of tendencies I would need reign in. I like to run all the races, and I like to do my best at each. I had 12 races this year, mostly 5Ks, but a couple 10Ks and half marathons mixed in. Had they been properly spaced it might have been ok. 3 of these 12 races were in 4 weeks. while I did very well in all 3, I think it took a lot out of me.

I also have an optimist in me during races. In my half marathon I did the first 10K in stellar time, and then fell apart. If I had focused on my plan to run a balanced race I likely would have made it through with a similar finish time (potentially a little faster) and not fallen apart. I know this is a fault that I need to work on.

2017 Goals

These are my current goals for 2017, I have already started to do some planning so I don’t mess myself up. I am sure I will add more as the year goes on.

  1. Continue running near Daily – I won’t beat myself up if I miss a day, but as I noted above, I miss it when I don’t run.
  2. 5K spring – Sub 21 – Race date TBD
  3. 5K fall – Sub 20 – Race date TBD
  4. Run 1500 KM – given the above two goals, this one will likely happen as a side effect
  5. Be able to play Carol of the Bells (slowly) on the Cello for Christmas. I tried to learn it this year but it was too advanced for me, even with my teachers help.
  6. Post a video of each cello piece I “master”
  7. Maybe, truly, write more often

Happy New Year!