For anyone setting up a kitchen :)

ok, so this blog is not mine at all. I read Trents blog (the simple dollar) on a regular basis, I find it very interesting, well researched, and most of all I find a lot of his post very refreshing.

A couple days ago he wrote a piece that I found very interesting, it was about setting up a Minimalist kitchen. I found this interesting because I have never thought about how much in a kitchen is unnecessary toys, or at least not too seriously.

While I do like the idea of a minimal kitchen, I also enjoy having a variety of tools at my disposal (ie my ice cream maker :)). But for those people who are intimidated by the kitchen, or those who are just moving out for the first time this is a great piece about what you really need to get going.

I promise I have lovely food to write about this week, even Hayley is bugging me to post about her birthday cake 🙂